Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

With the ever-increasing price of marine bunker fuel, and since bunker fuel is considered the largest financial cost driver to the operation of a vessel, it is of paramount importance to ensure the quantity of fuel paid for is delivered to your vessel. By engaging the Right Bunker Surveyor who will independently check and determine that the quantity of fuel received by your vessel is correct, quantity disputes can be significantly reduced. It is also a critical tool for ensuring compliance with regulations, preventing disputes and environmental incidents, and managing risks associated with fuel consumption.

Importance of a Bunker Quantity Survey:

Accurate measurement of fuel: The primary objective of a bunker quantity survey is to measure the quantity of fuel onboard a vessel accurately. This is essential to ensure that the vessel has sufficient fuel for its intended voyage and to prevent disputes over fuel quantity between the shipowner and bunker supplier.

Compliance with regulations: The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires vessels to keep accurate records of the fuel they use and the emissions they produce. A bunker quantity survey is necessary to ensure compliance with these regulations and to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Cost savings: A bunker quantity survey can help shipowners to identify any discrepancies in the quantity of fuel supplied, which can lead to cost savings by preventing overpayment for fuel.

Prevention of pollution: Fuel spills and leaks can have severe environmental consequences. A bunker quantity survey can help to prevent these incidents by ensuring that the fuel is handled and stored correctly.

Risk management: Accurate measurement of fuel quantity is essential for managing the risks associated with fuel consumption, such as running out of fuel in the middle of a voyage, which can result in costly delays and possible damage to the vessel.


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