Cargo Weight Survey

A cargo weight survey involves the measurement and verification of the weight of cargo on a vessel. The purpose of a cargo weight survey is to ensure that the cargo is accurately weighed, properly stowed, and that the vessel is not overloaded.

Cargo weight surveys are typically required by shippers, shipping companies, and other parties involved in the transport of goods by sea. The survey is typically conducted by a qualified marine surveyor, who uses specialized equipment such as scales and load cells to accurately measure the weight of the cargo.

During a cargo weight survey, the surveyor will typically:

  • – Inspect the cargo to determine the best method of weighing it
  • – Conduct weight measurements using scales or other equipment
  • – Verify the accuracy of the weighing equipment
  • – Verify the cargo’s stowage location and ensure that it is properly secured
  • – Ensure that the vessel is not overloaded

After the survey, the surveyor will typically provide a detailed report outlining their findings and confirming the weight of the cargo. This information is used to ensure compliance with international regulations, prevent damage to the cargo, and ensure the safety of the vessel and its crew.


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