Container Survey

A container survey is an inspection of shipping containers to determine their condition and suitability for use in the transportation of goods. Container surveys are important for several reasons:

Safety: Container surveys help to ensure the safety of goods during transport by identifying any structural defects, damage, or weaknesses in the container that could compromise its integrity and cause accidents or damage to the cargo.

Compliance: Container surveys help to ensure that containers meet the standards and regulations set by the relevant authorities and industry bodies, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).

Liability: Container surveys can help to establish liability in cases where damage or loss of cargo occurs during transport. The survey report can be used as evidence to support insurance claims or legal disputes.

Cost savings: Container surveys can help to identify containers that require repairs or maintenance, allowing shipping companies to take corrective action before they are put into service. This can help to prevent costly downtime, repairs, or cargo damage that could result from the use of defective containers.


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