Inspection of Stowage & Lashing Survey

An inspection of stowage and lashing survey is a type of marine survey conducted to ensure that cargo on board a vessel is properly stowed and secured for safe transportation. The survey is typically carried out by an independent marine surveyor who inspects the cargo, the vessel’s holds, and the lashings used to secure the cargo.

The purpose of an inspection of stowage and lashing survey is to ensure that the cargo is properly loaded and secured in accordance with relevant regulations and industry standards. The surveyor will inspect the cargo to ensure that it is properly packed and labelled, and will check the stowage plan to confirm that the cargo is loaded in accordance with the plan.

The surveyor will also inspect the lashings used to secure the cargo, including the lashings themselves and the points of attachment. The surveyor will check the tension of the lashings, as well as the number and placement of lashings, to ensure that they are sufficient to secure the cargo for safe transportation.

Overall, the goal of an inspection of stowage and lashing survey is to ensure the safe and efficient transport of cargo by identifying and addressing any potential issues with the stowage and lashing of the cargo.


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