Mass Flow Meter (MFM) Bunker Profile / Raw Data Analysis

Mass Flow Meter (MFM) Bunker Profile / Raw Data Analysis is a type of survey that involves analysing the raw data collected from Mass Flow Meters installed on bunker barges and vessels during the bunkering process.

The survey aims to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the MFM system and detect any discrepancies or irregularities that may affect the quality and quantity of the bunkered fuel. The MFM system provides real-time measurement of the bunker fuel delivered, and the raw data analysis can help identify any issues such as tampering or malfunction of the MFM system, which can result in inaccurate measurements and disputes between the parties involved.

Therefore, the MFM Bunker Profile & Raw Data Analysis is important to ensure a fair and transparent bunkering process and avoid any disputes related to the quantity and quality of the bunkered fuel.


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