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Operating as an independent marine and cargo inspection services company with its headquarters located in Singapore, Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services has also established a global presence in all major ports around the world.

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Shipping operations although routine and standard, are highly important operations which require careful planning and execution by the crew.
Certain malpractices or human errors that may occur onboard the vessel, can lead to disputes. With the ever-increasing price of marine bunker fuel, it is of paramount importance to ensure the actual quantity of fuel paid for is received by your vessel.

By engaging Lighthouse surveyors who will independently check and determine the quantity of fuel received by the vessel, quantity disputes can be significantly reduced and your vessels' interests can remain well-protected.

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Cargo Inspection, Supervision & Monitoring

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At Lighthouse Marine, we believe in delivering quality, reliable and prompt services. With the presence of our competent and professional surveyors, shipping operations can be swiftly and effectively completed, and all unnecessary delays can be avoided to ensure fast turnaround of your vessels.





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