Bunker Quality Survey (Bunker Sample Analysis)

The quality of bunker fuel is an important concern to both shipowners and charterers. In the last decades, enhanced refining techniques have resulted in a decline in the quality of residual fuel. Serious operating problems have also been caused by marine fuels being used as a dumping ground for waste chemicals and organic substances. More seriously, the global switch to low sulphur forms of fuel in 2020 has resulted in heavy blending and use of inappropriate blend components – resulting in another wave of quality issues in fuels. Engine damage and resultant lost time caused by bunker quality occur all too frequently.

Therefore, by engaging a Lighthouse Surveyor, we will ensure that checks are being done to ensure that the quality of fuel is supplied in accordance to the bunker delivery note. Parameters such as viscosity, density and sulphur content will be checked diligently against the certificate of quality as well. Furthermore, sampling will be carried out at the barge manifold and that such samples will be used to determine quality in case of a dispute.

Importance of a Bunker Quality Survey:

Ensuring fuel quality: A bunker quality survey helps ensure that the fuel being supplied meets the required quality standards. It can detect any potential issues with the fuel, such as contamination or excessive water content, which could cause engine damage and result in costly repairs.

Compliance: Regulatory bodies, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), have set standards for fuel quality. A bunker quality survey helps ensure that the fuel being supplied meets these standards, helping vessels remain compliant with regulations.

Risk management: A bunker quality survey helps manage the risks associated with fuel quality. Any issues identified during the survey can be addressed promptly, reducing the risk of engine failure and associated costs.

Legal protection: In the event of a dispute, a bunker quality survey report can be used as evidence in legal proceedings to support a claim for damages or compensation.


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