Cylinder Scrape-Down / Scavenge Drain Oil Analysis

Cylinder Scrape-Down / Scavenge Drain Oil Analysis is a type of oil analysis conducted in marine engines to assess the condition and performance of the engine’s cylinders and pistons. During operation, the engine’s cylinders and pistons are subject to high temperatures and pressures, which can cause wear, deposits, and other types of damage. This can result in reduced engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption, and other performance issues.

Cylinder Scrape-Down / Scavenge Drain Oil Analysis involves collecting oil samples from the scavenge drain or cylinder scrape-down locations and analysing them for various parameters such as wear metals, contaminants, viscosity, and acidity. The results of the analysis can provide valuable information about the condition of the engine’s cylinders and pistons, as well as any potential issues that may need to be addressed. This type of analysis is typically conducted as part of a routine maintenance program to ensure that the engine is operating efficiently and reliably.


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