Draft Survey

A draft survey is important for ensuring safe and efficient cargo transport, compliance with regulations, protection against potential liabilities, and efficient resource management.

Verification of cargo quantity: A draft survey is a method used to verify the quantity of cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel. By measuring the vessel’s draft, the volume of water displaced by the vessel can be calculated, and from this, the cargo quantity can be estimated.

Prevention of cargo shortage or overage: A draft survey helps prevent cargo shortage or overage, which can result in financial losses or disputes. By accurately determining the quantity of cargo loaded or discharged, the survey can ensure that the correct amount of cargo is delivered.

Compliance: Draft surveys are often required by regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with cargo quantity regulations. This is particularly important in the case of dangerous goods or hazardous materials, where accurate cargo quantity is critical to ensure safe transport and handling.

Risk management: A draft survey helps manage the risks associated with cargo transport. Any issues identified during the survey can be addressed promptly, reducing the risk of cargo damage or loss.

Legal protection: In the event of a dispute, a draft survey report can be used as evidence in legal proceedings to support a claim for damages or compensation.


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